Get Your Thoughts in Order: May 1, 2017

All that a man achieves or fails to achieve is the direct result of this thoughts.                       -James Alle

The focus for May is improving our thinking. As a teacher nearing the end of the school year it seems almost impossible to improve my thinking or to even think at all.  With state testing, the start of warm weather, and summer within reach my brain is a muddled mess of strategies to keep students focused for one more month and tasks that need to be finished before June.  I would be more of a mental wreck if I didn’t have time set aside each day to be still and think.

My thinking time… It is a purposeful quiet time I set aside each day. It is why I get up at 4:00 am every morning (and why I get really cranky when someone in my family gets up before 6:00 and interrupts my silence and solitude).  I do my best thinking first thing in the morning before everyone else in my world adds information and overloads my poor little brain.   I actually leave the house every day feeling like I have a handle on what needs to be accomplished during the day and how I am going to accomplish those tasks. Usually, my best laid plans fall apart as the day progresses and unexpected issues arise, but at least I start my day feeling like I have everything under control and that helps set the tone for a positive day.

Do you set aside time just for thinking and getting your thoughts in order?  When and/or how do you find the time?  Do you have a particular place where you do your best thinking?  I’d like to hear your strategies (so I can steal the good ideas ;-).



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