March 17, 2017

Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows.-Michael Landon

It is always so difficult to strike a balance between this idea of doing things now because you don’t know what tomorrow might bring and trying to be a responsible adult.  Yes, I would love to leave right now and go hiking in Moab because the weather is great and I miss the southwest. If I left right now, I would leave my colleagues in a bind and I would not feel as if I fulfilled my professional responsibilities.  Both my love of exploring and my commitment to my colleagues are important to me.  If I died tomorrow I would regret not taking one more adventure, but I would regret letting people down if I had left my responsibilities to explore.

Life is always full of trade-offs.  And, for me, there is never enough time to live all of the life I want to live.  The trick is to appreciate all of the things I enjoy every day and not let the things still I want to do diminish the great life I have.



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