March 1, 2017

You can escape from a lot of things that might hurt you.  You can quit a hazardous job. You can move from one climate to another.  You can stay away from someone who wants to harm you.  But you can’t get away from your own body. – John Maxwell


This month’s focus is health and it is a little tricky. I don’t think anyone likes to be lectured about anything – especially their health and the habits that make up their overall health.  The quotes and ideas I have come across for this topic are directed at myself.  If you can relate, then I hope you relate in a positive way. Don’t think that any of the quotes or commentary are directed at anyone other than me. I’m going to share some good products and habits I have discovered but I am not trying to push anything on anyone. And, because I haven’t figured out how to create the right kind of WordPress website that allows plug-ins, I don’t get any payment from Amazon when have a link to their products. In short, I am not preaching or advertising. I am just sharing. You can feel free to take it or leave it.  You can even feel free to ignore all of the commentary and just look for the quote.

Health has always been important to me. I’d like to say there was some really inspirational story behind this or a defining moment when it all came together.  The truth is really quite simple and simplistic. Maybe even bordering on materialistic. I’ve always been an athlete so I have always exercised because I was playing a sport.  It is a bit like an author becoming a better typist because he or she has to write for a living.  Being fit wasn’t really anything intentional – it was just a requirement and a byproduct of how I was choosing to spend my time.  There were times after college when I got out of shape because sports were not part of my daily routine. I didn’t like how I felt so I figured out how to exercise for the sake of exercise. It wasn’t as fun, but the alternative wasn’t fun either.  When I didn’t like the way I felt it affected everything else about my life.

I want to feel good.  I want to be able to live the lifestyle I enjoy – camping , hiking, exploring, photographing, and working around the house. I want to be able to do those things for as long as possible in my life.  I want my clothes to fit comfortably so I don’t have to dig through my closet trying to find those things that don’t “make me look fat”.  I love to eat and I have a hearty appetite so I want to learn about healthy choices so I do not turn into a blimp.  Of course I want to avoid things like heart disease, high blood pressure, things that are known cancer risks, etc., but the reality is that I am like most people and don’t really think those things will ever happen to me.  They are not immediate enough to keep me focused on my health.  Trying to squeeze into a pair of pants that used to fit – that is immediate.  Hiking up a hill and not being able to catch my breath – that is immediate.  The reality is that the immediate things keep me motivated and focused.  Thankfully, the habits that help the immediate issues also help with long-term health goals.


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