January 23, 2017

This weekend required some serious reflection about maintaining a positive attitude. Being stuck inside and dreary days are two of my big bad attitude triggers. I was not bored and had plenty of things to do, but none of them were what I wanted to do. I had some serious conversations with myself about how lucky I was to have a warm, cozy house that needed cleaning. And that the only reason I had to worry about doing taxes was because we have an income. It didn’t help the attitude because what I really wanted to be doing was hiking, exploring, and breathing fresh air. So I dressed warm, grabbed my camera, and went for a drive. I didn’t take any great photos but I got out, rolled down the window, breathed some fresh air, and even sloshed around in the mud trying to get a few photos. It was enough. I realized that all along I had a choice – if I had made the choice to get out a bit on Saturday I might have been more pleasant to be around for more of the weekend. As a bonus, I heard a new song along the way and it is my new favorite (Live it Well by Switchfoot). Today’s quote is particularly relevant for me. I wasted so much time being frustrated and irritated this weekend. So it makes me think, what can we change each day that will make life better? What is one thing you could change to make today better?



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