January 10, 2017

When I was teaching junior high, we used to teach “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” to our home room classes. The teen version is basically the same as the adult version but has examples and stories more relevant to teens and immature people like me 😋. That search for content to help my students lead more successful and productive lives set me on my own path of searching for the same in my own life. During that search I’ve found some incredible books and been introduced to some amazing people. One of the many threads common to all of the books and all of the people is the idea that we build our lives around the choices we make, not the things that happen to us. This idea of choosing the right attitude each day (or sometimes several times each day) can be freeing. Having already made the decision to choose a good attitude means that I don’t have to wonder what kind of day I’m going to have. Whatever happens, I already know it will be a good day because I’ve chosen it – I already made the big decision and then I just have to respond to each part of my day based on that decision. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think it means that you have to allow people to be rude to you, or not respond to things that need a response, or not try to fix things that need to be fixed, or that bad things won’t happen. I think it means that you don’t have to let those things ruin your day or even an hour of your day. Have a great one!



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