Resolutions, Challenges, and Moving Forward


“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” Zig Ziglar

In the spirit of moving forward instead of procrastinating by over-planning, this week I:

  • started a 365 day photo challenge which is really a 356 day challenge because I started on January 9th..
  • created a second Instagram account so I can post my daily photos without bombarding my regular Instagram followers with daily photos.  
    • find me on Instagram
      • beccamckinnonphotography for my landscape photos
      • bringtheoutsidein for my 365 day challenge
  • refined a logo to go with my 356 day photo challenge and related Instagram account
  • attended a webinar on mistakes in goal setting.
    • The 10 Biggest Mistakes you’re making with goal-setting and how to fix them by Michael Hyatt
  • watched the first in a YouTube Photoshop tutorial series. Each week I will watch at least two tutorials. A second monitor attached to my computer allows me to  watch the tutorial on one screen and practice with Photoshop on the other.
    • Anthony Morganti has Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials
  • resumed listening to Improve Photography podcasts during my morning run.  Improve Photography is a great podcast for beginners and advanced photographers.  I’ve been listening to the podcasts, reading the website, and following on Facebook for over year now.  
    • They also have other podcasts that are very helpful and informative:
      • Portrait Session
      • Tripod (focus on landscapes)
      • Photo Taco (5 – 10 minute podcasts on a variety of topics)

These are all photography-related actions and goals but all of my other goals are intertwined.  Currently, I am continuing with the Michael Hyatt goal setting templates to create attainable goals in the areas of health, family, business, finances, recreation, and spirituality. Photography is a passion that enhances the other areas in my life but also relies on those areas being in order.  


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