And so it begins…

I am a planner. I love lists. Actually, I love crossing things off of lists. Lately I’ve found myself spending more time making lists and planning what I want to do rather than actually doing anything on my list.  I have so many goals and so many interests that I feel stuck and don’t know where to start.  I feel like I have to research this or plan that before I can start.  The result has been – well – no result.  I am usually a go-getter, an active person, a jump in and get it done person.  But I have planned myself into a corner.  So my new plan is to stop planning – or at least stop micro-managing.  I am clear on my priorities and big goals so I am just going to start.  I don’t know exactly what I will do tomorrow but I know where I want to end up and to get there I need to get moving and keep moving. Newton’s First Law of Motion, a body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest, hits a little too close to home right now. I’ve been spending more time planning and less time doing. I over-planned, got overwhelmed, and became a person at rest.

To re-establish myself as a person in motion I have started moving.

Voltaire claims,“Perfect is the enemy of good.”

I think he is right. Trying to be perfect has ensured that I am not even good – I am idle.  There is the real struggle to balance faith, self, family, friends, photography/outdoors, and my career.  How does it all fit together so that each one adds to the others? When I don’t get it right each one steals time from the other.  There have been glimpses of how it can all fit together – small sparks of inspiration and small connections.

Begin movement. I prayed, once again,  for direction.  In his book, The Way of Serenity, Father Jonathan Morris states,  “He offers us his own wisdom, but only if we are willing to close the door and listen to him in the silence of our hearts.” So I closed the door and really listened. The bigger picture starts to emerge.

I don’t have to choose.  All of my priorities lie on the same path. My love of landscape photography is a reflection of my deep appreciation for this stunning world God has created.  When I frame each landscape I am in awe of the scene before me. It reflects my gratitude and gives me peace.  It connects me with my faith and helps me to be a better family member, better friend, and a better employee. It makes me a better person.

In my effort to capture the perfect photo I can take my family along on the adventure.  We hike; we camp; we get out and spend quality time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  When I return I Bring the Outside in on so many levels.  When I have been out exploring and photographing I return a more peaceful, focused, and productive person.  Part of that experience stays with me for days and even weeks after I return to my daily life.  I Bring the Outside in to my family and friends when I share the photos to Facebook, Instagram, and this blog.  My goal is to share a piece of the peace :-).  That peace and focus returns each time I look through the photos of those adventures and I Bring the Outside in when I print my favorite photos to hang  in my living room, my office, my RV, and even my classroom.

The point of all of this rambling? This is my journey to become a full-time landscape photographer. The journey has been messy and slow to this point – that will probably continue. I have a lot to learn and plan to share that learning along the way.  This photographic journey is tangled with my personal journey as I try to balance the demands of my professional life, personal life, and dreams for the future.  They are all part of the same path but there will be many twists and turns, mistakes, and forks in the road. I look forward to sharing the journey.




One thought on “And so it begins…

  1. Becca,
    Your words speak volumes to many. I look forward to hearing more about your journey and taking your lessons along the way to heart. 😊

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